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Views: 2549 Update date: Aug 10,2020

In order to save the building space, extend the larger space utilization rate of the construction, bring about the more sensitive and reliable running; the more graceful and attractive building, FUJILF small machine room Passenger Elevator can reserve larger space for the machine room. During installation, this small main unit requires much lighter hoisting equipment as compared by the one required by the traditional units. It can even be directly hoisted through the hoist-way for installation.


As the most reliable and experienced Passenger Elevator manufacturer, we got many inquiries from our potential clients every day, and we would like to share some of them with you:




did you supply the lift in Cartier Retail shop in Dubai Mall?

2020-08-07 10:27:43


I need more information about home steel glass elevator

2020-08-04 12:50:31


Hello I hope everything is fine. I would like to get a quotation for full package MRL freight elevator with the following specifications: unit: 1 CD: 3000mm CW: 1700mm Payload: 5 tons Number of floors: 3 Number of doors: 3 Number of entries: 2 facing doors are manual. Thanks & regards

2020-07-15 07:09:49


Hi i am *** from Iran Need 24 pcs escalator

2020-06-11 23:16:55


Hello . I am *** Elevator Company in Iran I want to have a partner with you in the field of rails, motors and escalators. Please send the price list and catalog to my personal email.

2020-05-27 08:56:28


Need to Discuss about escalator business opportunity in India

2020-05-21 00:52:47


Dear sir, We need a hydraulic cargo lift. I have sent a email. Please sir check my drawing and give me price with details.

2020-05-13 11:31:37


If you are also interested with our Passenger Elevator, please visit our website for more information. If you have any query, please feel free to contact us at

Passenger Elevator

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