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Escalator modernization
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Why Modernize My Elevator?


Though a well-maintained elevator may last 20 or more years, eventually you will need to upgrade your major components or completely modernize your device. With careful planning, modernizing your elevator can be a strategic capital investment instead of an emergency situation.


That’s the difference between maintenance and modernization
Unlike maintaining current functionality and operation through maintenance,system modernization provides improved comfort and operation utilizing the latest functions and control equipment.



FUJILF offers upgrades in all areas: safety, performance, design, function, energy and appearance to make your escalators run smoother, safer and more reliably.


Drive system upgrades

Using the energy-efficient technology, FUJILF Electric has reduced friction loss significantly in the drive system. Together with various improvements, the power consumption has been reduced by 20%(*2).






Control system upgrades

Escalators with automatic operation conserve energy by running slowly in Stand-by. If there are no passengers on an escalator, the escalator goes into Stand-by and runs at a reduced speed. However, when the escalator detects a passenger approaching the entrance landing, it gradually increases the speed to the rated speed.

Safety upgrades
Escalator skirt brushes
Brushes mounted on the stationary skirts, just above the moving steps, help keep passengers from placing their feet against the step-skirt interface. In some jurisdictions, tests are required and adding skirt brushes may be mandatory.

Safety combfingers for escalators
It’s important that passengers entering and exiting an escalator clearly see the point where the stationary combplate meets the moving steps. Bright yellow combfingers help call attention to this important transition area.

Step demarcation lighting
This under-step lighting helps passengers notice the “break” between steps, encouraging them to stand solidly on a single step.

Safety signage
There are a few important safe-riding rules that every passenger should follow. Our attractive signs can be added to any escalator to give riders these important messages.

Escalator handrail performance
Upgrades reduce handrail wear and friction and improve reliability.

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