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FUJILF serial escalator products have been produced according to the current international standard and Chinese standard. It fully applies the novel materials and advanced technology both at home and abroad to design and manufacture the lifts.It has the features such as smooth running,low noise,fine durability,convenient repair,fine and exquisite structure,consummate lift—way,remarkable belt—way,attractive outline model,magnificent design style with gentle modern flavor. A safe,cozy and beautiful escalator can let you enjoy the pleasant and comfortable moment every day.

FUJILF series of Escalator, with the advanced technology of escalator introduced from Japan, the advanced micro control system, and the approved Chinese National Standard GB16899-2011< Manufacture and Installation Safety Specifications of Escalators and Moving Walks> and European standard EN115, applies to those public places with big traffic such as shopping mall, supermarket, hotel, metro, airport, station, wharf, flyover.


FUJILF serial escalator is exceeding your expectations! It is widely applicable for the shopping center,supermarket,subway,airport etc. with large volume of passenger traffic.It adds one flow and bright scene to your constructions.
Advantageous performances of escalator


Approach Best Escalator Company To Get Best Products 


Are you looking for the best escalator with after sales service? Then you are at the right place. Fujilf is one of the leading company aims to offer best options and services to the customers. First of all this company have extensive experience and knowledge within the industry so always offers a professional service as per a good workmanship, now it can be adopted throughout the company. When you approach the experts they understand that your customers are a really important aspect of your business so the experts always work quickly as well as efficiency in order to reduce disruption to your premises. As the leading escalator company fujilf form hard to bring exclusive solutions to cover customer needs.


Quality Escalator Products: 


 Fujilf is the reputed escalator company and its escalator products produced based on an international standard that allows any business to cover their needs. First of all, it fully applies the novel materials and advanced technology also brings a lot of benefits. However, it has great features like consentient repair, fine durability, low noise, fine structure, smooth running. Fujil series of escalator designed with advanced technology that also exceeding your expectations. Apart from that, it is also accepted option for the shopping malls, airport, subway, supermarket etc. Overall, it is the perfect option for the areas with a large volume of passenger traffic because it adds flow as well as a bright scene to constructions.


Why Escalator Products? 


 To control traffic flow in your mall, or supermarket you must consider Fujilf serial escalator products. Fujilf is one of the leading and trusted escalator company aims to offer advanced products with unique features. These are always ideal as well as this company offers a different range of products at an affordable rate so you can easily choose the best option based on your needs. When it comes to choosing Fujilf escalator products you must take the online reviews or approach the experts to compare different options available in the market today. Even you will also get free guidelines from the experts to meet your exact needs. Don’t waste your time just choose the best Fujilf escalator products to ensure the value of your business. Apart from that, it is the effective way to control traffic flow at your shopping mall, supermarket.




Advantages and characteristics


The truss utilizes first class rectangle steel with unique structure, high strength and nice anti-corruption durable features.
Long life  

The overall design is concise and smooth and compatible.

Strong general


The advanced international craftsmanship ensures the accuracy of steps.
More advanced  
The large size dimeter of step roller operates minimizes the noise and prolongs the product life.
Little noise  
The human-oriented handrail entrance is secured by brush.
More secure  
Etched stainless steel front panels are available with various varieties.
Elegant and attractive  
The super CPU main board monitors the operation in real time. If any abnormal situation occurs, it automatically brakes and records the malfunctions code.
Monitored running  
Customer can choose VVVF control to control running speed, the energy saving performance is obvious, lt can prolong product life and reduce the operation cost.

High efficiency &



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