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Car Elevator

Car Elevator

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Today, the majority of the people need the best elevator for moving the vehicle. The vehicle elevator is the necessary aspect for moving the vehicle in car showrooms, garages, house, and others. The car elevator manufacturer makes the best one that better for the car removal purpose.




Hire the Best Car Elevator Manufacturer


You can pick up the best elevator that provides the compact solution to the users. We are the leading service provider today and offer the best range of the elevator parts at the best price. You can get the elevator parts from the favorite brand. We make such one by concerning the advanced elevator control technology. It issuitable for home as well as the office today. There are various reasons why the customers choose our services in these days.


Look at the Technical Specification


You can take the elevators for the different vehicles. When it comes to the elevator, you can concern the technical specification and then make the right decision to utilize the best one. The specification of the elevator is varied for the three wheelers, four wheelers, small cars, luxury car and others. We make the best one that protects the property. It gives the long lasting solution to the vehicle. You can browse the wide collection of the elevator models. We make the one according to the individual requirements. It is safe and comfortable for the vehicle. It acts as an excellent protection to the vehicle. It gives the safety assurance to the vehicle owner with the best fault protection.

FUJILF Car Elevators are designed for moving cars in condominiums, car showrooms, garages, homes and more, our car elevators provide compact, easy-to-use basement or rooftop parking solutions at a fraction of the cost.


Car lift have lower average speeds, heavy load capacity, and engineering for tough everyday working conditions mean your vehicle elevator will last—and enhance your property—for the long haul.




we offer a range of car elevator models, customized to your individual requirements by our team of experienced professionals. We enjoy nothing more than fitting a personalized car lift application to your property and parking needs, and stand behind all our automobile elevators, car lifts and car elevators as safe, reliable, stable, comfortable and energy-efficient.




Strong power and safety assurance


The application of mature and reliable drive technology gives the car elevator stronger adaptability on load bearing and impact load. Equipped with multi fault protection and emergency safety devices the running of FUJILF automobile elevator are more safe and reliable.


The accuracy of leveling ensures that the cars can get in and out smoothly. Various independently developed door systems provide the possibility of most suitable door opening width up to 3000mm.



Advantage Of FUJILF Car Elevator:


1. Can make both machine room car elevator and machine roomless car elevator (MR and MRL)

2. 6 panel door opening width up to 3000mm

3. Inside cabin with Rider pushing Button for easy operation

4. Car decoration Glass panoramic cabin , hairline cabin, paint steel cabin available

5. Door remote control available ,when car near the door can open door automatically

6. Equipment is designed for a long life cycle.

7. Operation cost is less than traditional designs.

8. Easy installation and maintenance.

9. Reliability achieved through a completely integrated system.




Capacity: 2000KG  3000KG  5000KG  10000KG

Speed:  0.25M/S  0.5M/S

Size:    up to 400 Sq/ft 

Number of Stops:  Up to 6 Stops

Cab Style:  In-line, Opposite enter and exit

Drive System:  Traction car elevator or Hydraulic car elevator

 Technical Specifications

Type & No. of Vehicles Load (kgs.) Car Inside (width X Length) Lift Shaft (one Side Open) (width X Length) Lift Shaft (two Side Open) (width X Length) Enterence (width X Height)
3 Two Wheelers 500 1200 X 2400 2000 X 2800 2000 X 2480 1000 X 2000
4 Two Wheelers 750 1500 X 2400 2300 X 2800 2300 X 2480 1300 X 2000
Small Cars 1200 2300 X 5000 3050 X 5250 2900 X 5080 2100 X 2000
Mid Sized Cars 2000 2400 X 5100 3150 X 5350 3200 X 5200 2200 X 2000
Luxury Cars 3000 2700 X 5400 3450 X 5800 3500 X 5500 2400 X 2200
S.U.V. 5000 3000 X 5750 3800 X 6050 3800 X 5850 2400 X 2200
L.C.V. / Bus 10000 3500 X 7300 4400 X 7700 4400 X 7700 3000 X 3000
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