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Wheelchair Stairlift Vertical Platform

Wheelchair Stairlift Vertical Platform

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The FUJILF wheelchair stair platform lift proves that it is possible to combine elegance and functionality.  can turn through positive or negative bends and can cope with changes in gradient. It runs on stainless steel guide tubes (the top tube can be used as a handrail). When the platform is folded away, the safety arms fold downwards to keep the unit as compact as possible. The lift runs from continually charged batteries meaning that it will continue to function even in the event of a power failure. The operational buttons on the lift are touch sensitive and the landing buttons are wireless meaning that there is no need for unsightly cables or conduits. The on-board digital display unit provides a commentary on the operational state of the lift and provides the service Engineer with all of the information required in order to ensure trouble free operation. Available with a choice of platform sizes, finishes and lifting capacities (230kg or 300kg), the FUJILF wheelchair stair platform lift leads the way in design and user friendliness.

Technical Details

· Travel: 0-6m
· Compliance:  European Machinery Directive
· Speed: 0.11 m/sec
· Platform size: 1200 x 810mm
· Max stops:  3 stops max
· Power : 240 Volt, 10 amp
· Control system: Hold to run
· Environment: Internal or external
· Max load:    225 kg (2 persons + wheelchair)    
· Pit:     No pit required
· Headroom:    Minimum 2000 mm
·Fixing Method(s):   Wall Fastened or Stanchion (post) Mounted
· Flooring Type(s):  Non Slip
· Entrance Configuration(s):  Through Access / Adjacent Entrances
Safety features     

    Over speed governor and brake
    Pressure sensitive surfaces which stops the lift when it runs into an obstacle
    Battery driven
    Limit switch
    Thermal overload relay
    Manual release mechanism

 Standard finishes     

    Lift rail - natural anodized aluminium
    Lift colour - RAL 7035 Light Grey
    Wireless call stations wall mounted

 Lift options     

    Lift rail - 9 anodized colours
    RAL colour options
    Call stations, recessed call stations with anodized aluminium face or handheld remotes
    Optional vandal-proof arms
    Powder-coat mounting posts


    12 months
    Optional extended warranty available

Key advantages     

    Great for curved stairs
    Can turn up to 180 degrees
    Can be parked around corners
    Has raise-lower option for limited bottom landing space
    No conduits required for call stations
    Battery operated lift will still operate on loss of mains power for up to 1 hour of usage.
    Width folded up - 395mm
    Lift rails can be mounted on posts if no support wall available
    The lift round rails look similar to a banister rail


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