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Stair chair lift

Stair chair lift

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Fujilf Stair chair lift can help aged or people with mobility difficulties go up or go down the stair by themselves, which solve the inconvenience of aged people 

This stair lift is mainly used at places without wheelchair accesses to help people who use wheelchairs, It can be used as a lifting step for wheelchairs or normal stairs for ordinary people

This product is easy for installation. It runs on the rail which mounted on the left or right of the stair case. It will not ruin any family facility, especially suit for decorated family.
The structure of stair lift is made of steel, aluminum alloy castings and inflaming retarding plastic. It is safety and beautiful

Main specification

Safety load:120kg
Rail max rising angle: 52°
Running speed:6.8m/min
Rail tube diameter:45mm
Distance between wall and rail:130mm
Noise(under max load): 70dBA
Distance between stair surface and rail:80mm
Drive motor power: 200w
Power: 2x12v-7Ah
Driving mode: Gear and rack


Remote control 2pcs with AAA battery
Emergency operation handle: 1 pc
Recharger 1 pc Power input: AC100~240V,50~60Hz
Power output: DC 24V, 1 A

Product detail
The stair lift host is a combination of metal plastic hybrid structure, seat plate racket, back and armrest are die casting of aluminum mold, sturdy, safe, seat cushion and back cushion are sewn with leather sponge, comfortable and beautiful.
The lift is driven by gear/rack low-pressure turbine gear motor, stable and safe. It 1s equipped with anti-slipping, anti-falling down and safety lock devices. When the lift gear is subject to wear out and falling down, the locking system will activate automatically and park the lift safely on the rail, ensuring the passenger safety.
The chair arm rest can fold up. When folding the armrest, seat and foot pedal will fold up at the same time ensuring to reverse enough space for people to pass by when the lift is not in use.
Both sides of the main engine,the main shaft, and the pedal of the stair lift are designed with crash-proof and touch-proof safety switches. In case of encounters obstacles, the switches will cut off the power immediately, which can effectively prevent the risk of encountering obstacles when 。 operation 

The seat of stair lift can be turned 90 left or right, easy for passengers to go up and down.
The driven switch can be installed on the right armrest or left armrest according to users’ requirement
The main power switch is under the seat.
The power of the stair lift is 24V rechargeable battery, the top end or the bottom end of the guide rail has auto charge position, in necessity, middle position of the floor can also set up auto charge position.
The guide rails are made after the on-site mapping of the user’ s actual floors

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