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Panasonic elevator door controler

Panasonic elevator door controler

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AAD03011D Panasonic door Inverter, Panasonic door machine controller

FUJILF elevator maintenance, professional supplier of Ningbo Shen Ling door machine inverter

elevator door machine controller AAD03011D Panasonic door machine inverter Shen Ling door


Panasonic elevator door controller AAD03011D

AAD03010D / G, AAD03011D / G, AAD03020D / G, NSFC01-01, the bistable magnetic switch, the

door mechanical and electrical machines

Single-phase 200v input the applicable motor output 0.4kw rated output current 2.8a

Rated output a capacity 1.1kva supply capacity 1.3kva estimated weight 1.2kg

Panasonic (Shen Ling) integrated door controller

FUJILF is Panasonic door machine frequency inverter exclusive agent of China

Shenling door mechanical and electrical machines, Shenling door electromechanical machine YVP90-6, YVP71-6
Door machine motor (three-phase asynchronous motor)
Model: YVP71-6-2.7N
Technical parameters:
Rated power: 80W
Rated Current: 220VAC
Rated speed: 950r/min
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Insulation class: B
Protection: IP44
Working: S3 40%

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