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High-end Home caring families to enhance the taste 

FUJILF Home elevators to the distinguished series of avant-garde decoration, super visual beauty known; with elegant timber, superb manufacturing process and commendable. A good-quality elevator, surely with your harmonious combination of high quality construction of buildings with a total of brilliance shine.


Villa Life • Art Of Life
Healthy installation enables you to enjoy the charm of ecological elevator
Advantages of Ecological Elevator

① With gearless traction machine, it can avoid electromagnetic radiation and environmental problems caused by oil;
② The automatic lighting system improves the effective utilization of the electric energy in the elevator;
③ The digital inverter technology greatly reduces elevator vibration and elevator noise, creating a comfortable and healthy atmosphere.


Get amazing collections of Elevator parts at home elevator company


Designing the elevators and escalators parts are always a professional one so that you can get it at the right time. In fact, this aims to develop from the installation and maintenance for satisfying the clients at a standard level. However, the design procedure is simple so that everyone can ensure customers rest at ease. It takes lots of production systems that easily combine with installation to maintenance and modernization. Of course, this home elevator company is suitable for guiding the engineering staff with perfect services. It increases the standard level and considers implementation as set by the installation management. This operation rules to ensure the customers rest at ease and involves 12,000 elevators of annual production capacity. With global level, the dumbwaiter, car elevator is getting at the right amount of acceleration tester, laser machine and so on. So, this depends on the worldwide access and therefore our company able to present the process and operation rules quickly.


From design to manufacturing, we endeavor in satisfying the clients and get high-quality parts from us. We are the leading team who is always manufacturing parts and elevators quickly. It ensures right customers safe and thus has a suitable process for passenger elevators and panoramic elevator, home freight elevator parts and get attention on the formulated and implemented process. Our home elevator company will implement to ensure a customer rest at ease by hiring our services forever. So, this makes them achieve right pattern on exporting most things in the countries. It takes place by considering lots of effects so that it is useful for commercial spaces involved by our team. We highly create the best solution and develop by including passenger elevator, panoramic elevator hospital, and many things. We export products that are suitable for converting at right bending machine, acceleration tester for your need and want. It includes 80 engineering technicians so that it is suitable for various commercial platforms. We create this process by our professional team where clients will get a variety of machines for elevators and parts along with bending machine. So, you must get attention on the elevator parts and describes with a professional team.

220V/ 80V Household Dedicated Main Engine

With conventional voltage, ultra-low power and ultra-low power, its actual power consumption is equivalent to household refrigerator, its operating power is less than a microwave. Being smart, portable, and oil-free and noise-free, it will become your new energy-saving household electrical appliance.


“Safety First”, Quality First

As a perfect combination of art and science, FUJILF villa elevator inherits the classic German technical achievements, strict and responsible attitude and leading system configuration, and the meticulous details of FUJILF reflect the spirit of professional elevator. 


Superior Technical Support

① The infrared light curtain protection device can protect your family’s health;
② Terminal station protection ensures the safe operation of elevator in the region;
③ The elevator anti-collision device can prevents injuries in case of elevator malfunction;
④ With the emergency stop safety device, the elevator can be immediately stopped in case of elevator emergency. 


LED Intelligent Lighting System

FUJILF Elevator adopts long-life and radiation-free LED intelligent lighting system that is easy to maintain, it is flicker-free when starting the elevator, the light is more natural and soft, thus optimizing the car environment and saving 80% energy compared with conventional fluorescent tube. It has significant effect in saving energy. 

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