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Elevator Door Operator(VVVF)

Elevator Door Operator(VVVF)

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VVVF Elevator Door System advantage:
1. In fulfillment with GB7588-2003,EN81.Products are popular in all over the world.
2. Using AC VVVF motor drive, controlled by specilized door inverter.That is why we will keep a high level quality.
3. Without limit switch.
4. It utilizes the synchronous belt drive, low noise and more smooth.
5. Strong resistance of electromagnetic interference.
6. Speed, position and torque adjustable for opening and closing curve.
7. Output set according to customs requirement, input & output isolated.
8. Closing force adjustable,door re-open automatically while exceeding closing force.
9. Towed truck with mechanical anti-derailment devices.
10. Wooden box is available for small order and full container.We make sure the doors are in good situation.
11. Synchronous door cam, offsettable,can be integrated with mechanical car door lock.
Elevator door machine is responsible for opening and closing an elevator door in a servo system, such as the opening and closing doors of the elevator is an electrical signal, and then through the motors, sensors, transmission and other into a specific force in the direction, close or open the door.
The the AC induction variable frequency door machine usually referred to as variable frequency door machine, which constitute mainly divided into three parts: the frequency door machine control systems, AC induction variable frequency motor, variable frequency door machine mechanical systems; elevator variable frequency door machine has two types of motion control: speed switch control mode "," encoder control mode; speed switch control mode "can not detect the direction of movement, position and speed of the car doors, use only the position and speed of the open loop control, resulting in control accuracy is relatively poor, door movement the smoothness of the process is not very good, so multiple use "encoder control mode.

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