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Views: 1993 Update date: Oct 22,2018

                                                                    2018 Newest Inquiries about Escalator Company in Oct

SUZHOU FUJILF Elevator Co., Ltd. Specialized in the R&D, manufacture, marketing, installation, repair and maintenance of the elevators. This escalator company was founded in 2002 and at the early stage, its main job was to develop and manufacture elevator parts and escalator parts in cooperation with elevator manufactures throughout the world. In 2009, production line of complete elevators was established, then we were able to enter the OEM phase of production of complete elevators for all international famous elevator brand, and the FUJILF brand for complete elevator have been registered together with Japan company, became SINO-JAPANESE joint venture.


As we own the most advanced elevator control technology in the world to ensure the product technology is on the industry-leading level, we are trusted by our clients all over the world and got lots of inquiries from them. We would like to share some with you.



Name:  lee p****

Email:  20****@****.com

Tel:  1752****

Message: We need passenger elevator

Date: 2018-10-22 16:24:22




Name:  Jeehad G****

Email:  ged****

Tel:   0369****

Message: Dear Sir. We are looking for a 2 stairs home elevator. The maximum height available is 4.5m. Should you have a suitable , low cost solution let us know. Regards. Jeehad G****

Date:  2018-10-21 00:22:34




Name: Engr Mu****

Email:   ru****

Tel:   +9665****

Message:  I need one complete supplying from your company . The specification as following . 1. No of elevator : 1 2. No of floor : 4 3. Capacity : 1000 kg . 4. Type of door : full automatic center opening st / st 5. With vvvf and emergency device . Please give the quotation with all specification . Thank you very much Engr Mu****

Date:2018-10-20 21:50:58




Name: Frank

Email:  fr****

Tel:  +6391****

Message:  Please advise price for a 3 stop system for, 3 and 4 pax

Date:2018-10-19 14:43:44




Name: Aric

Email:   a****

Tel:   0806****

Message:  What is the cost of residential lift in Nigeria

Date:  2018-10-18 16:48:53




Name: William

Email:    M****

Tel:  +2348****

Message:   Can I have a quote for elevator to 4 floors. Size of shaft is HD 2000 and HW1700. Ground floor height is 4000 and other floors 3150. Please include shipping cost to lagos port, nigeria

Date: 2018-10-17 06:39-52


If you also feel like our advanced escalator technology and want to know more information, you can contact us at

escalator company

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