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SUZHOU FUJILF Elevator Co., Ltd. specializes in the R & D, manufacture, marketing, installation, repair and maintenance of the elevators. It was founded in 2002 based on factory name of SUZHOU INHI ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, at its early stage, its main job was to develop and manufacture elevator parts and escalator parts in cooperation with elevator manufacturers throughout the world. In 2009, production line of complete elevators was established, then we were able to enter the OEM phase of production of complete elevators for all international famous elevator brand. and the FUJILF brand for complete elevator have been registered together with Japan company, became SINO-JAPANESE joint venture ,introduced the most advanced elevator control technology in the world to ensure the product technology is on the industry-leading level.......


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Suzhou fujilf elevator co., ltd., relying on good faith, but also rely on the honesty and long. Is the good faith let us get the favour of the this industry vessel; Is the good faith let us own a stable supplier team and a fixed customer base, become the fastest growing dark horse in the industry. In the future, we will also rely on the integrity, develop a broader heaven and earth.