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Current Location: Home - Products

Current Location: Home - Products

Passenger elevator


Fujilf is an experienced Sino-Japanese Passenger Elevators Manufacturer and home lifts supplier, export all kinds of Elevators and escalators , include passenger lift, home lift, panorama lift, hospital lift, car lift, goods lift, dumbwaiter lift, moving

Glass lift


Glass lifts increase the beauty of a building, hotel, shopping mall or office. is the best place to buy Glass Lift with high quality and affordable Price. Our panoramic elevator can be round shape, square shape or diamond shape.

Hospital elevator


FUJILF series of Bed Elevator, with full consideration of the specific environment of hospitals, and the worldwide cutting-edge modularized computer control technology...

Home elevator


Fujilf is the number one home elevator company in China providing Sales, Install and Service direct from the Manufacturer. We provide residential elevators and lifts for your home, have many models with different capacities available. Our home elevator ca

Freight elevator


FUJILF freight elevator is committed to achieve the standard of energy saving, noise reduction, permanent force and accuracy, whose technology achieves mature with dozens of ...



A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator intended to carry objects rather than people. Fujilf Provides best quality and low cost Dumbwaiter Lift. Capacity from 50KG to 500KG, can be window type and floor type with conveyor belt deliver directly to table.

Escalator Company


Fujilf is the largest Escalator and Elevator manufacturer in China, can provide OEM service for famous brand, our products export over 50 countries. We are professional installer and maintainer of people-moving products including elevators, escalators an

Moving walk


Fujilf is the safest Moving Walkway manufacturer and supplier in China, offering quality and cheap Moving Walkways. With 0, 10, 30 three different types degree, and travel up to 300 m distance, step width up to 1.5m.

Car Elevators


We are Sino-Japanese company specializes in the Car Elevator Manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance. We make traction type, hydraulic type as well as platform type car lift. Capacity from 2000KG to 5000KG.

Elevator parts


Fujilf supply elevator cabin, elevator door, elevator controller , elevator electric system, elevator motor, escalator step, escalator roller, escalator chain etc. Our model also suit for brand of Otis, Schindler, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Kone, Sigma, Hyundai