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According to the China Elevator Association statistics, in 2013 China’s elevator production 624,000 units, an increase of 18% in 2014, the elevator industry growth rate estimated at 10%. From this data can be seen this year, elevator growth is not optimistic.

2014 is destined to be the elevator industry, fighting each other brands of the year, shuffling in the form of increased, so that we inventory to promote the reshuffle of the six sword.

The First Shuffle Sword: the Implementation of the New “Special Law”

January 1, 2014, the new “Special Equipment Safety Law” began to implement, the law on the manufacturers one of the biggest impact is to highlight the main responsibility of the enterprise.

Article 22: The installation, modification and repair of elevators shall be carried out by the elevator manufacturing unit or the unit entrusted by it in accordance with this Law to obtain corresponding permits. Where an elevator manufacturing unit entrusts other units to install, modify or repair an elevator, it shall conduct safety supervision and supervision on its installation, alteration and repair, and carry out verification and debugging according to the requirements of safety technical specifications. The elevator manufacturing unit is responsible for the safety performance of the elevator.

Simply saying that this rule is very reasonable very good, greatly improving the quality of the installation of the elevator, but the operating costs of the manufacturers will be relatively increased a lot, but also need to note that the annual output of 10,000 units in the following companies do Most of the projects are scattered alone, the prefecture-level city one, another prefecture-level city one, in such circumstances sent to the factory inspection, human and financial than the first-line brand to pay a lot. And those first-line brand and the national network of cloth-wide comparison of the enterprises this point of their provisions but not the basic or for their brand to seize the market in the short term more favorable.

The second shuffle sword: test tower New Deal

May 1 this year is the elevator industry is the “test tower of the New Deal” or “on the strengthening of elevator manufacturing installation and maintenance of the type of repair work permit notice.”

New Deal: to apply for renewal, upgrade the elevator manufacturing enterprises, to be in its manufacturing site has a corresponding height of the elevator test shaft, “should be the unit own. But as of the end of 2013, the domestic elevator elevator factory nearly 470 nearly half without their own test tower.

Of course, if the provisions of the test tower does not require much high, the current national elevator manufacturing license is generally valid for 4 years. According to the relevant requirements of Annex 2 of the Detailed Rules for Manufacture of Electromechanical Special Equipment (for Trial Implementation), the minimum operating altitude of passenger elevator hoistway is 50 meters for class A, 40 meters for class B and 20 meters for class C. Due to height restrictions, elevators tested at a height of 50 meters will not exceed a maximum of 3 meters per second. So more and more high-speed ladder in the case of 50-meter test tower is not able to meet the needs of enterprises. The current market competition is so fierce, the general construction of the test tower is much higher than this provision, we do not say first-line brand, we say Sanyo Elevator (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. The company, his test tower 86 meters, A few days and another brand in Guangdong, a person in charge of the company they are in the construction of the test tower is 108 meters. China is currently under construction in the highest elevator test tower by the Shenyang Bolint Elevator Co., Ltd. to build a 15-hoist the total height of the tower 177 meters, more than Hitachi Elevator Test Tower in Shanghai 4.4 meters. Another reason leading to high test tower is: enterprises to do the highest speed of the product can increase the reputation of corporate brand and conducive to bidding.

The third sword: first-line brands and listed companies to speed up the market layout, in particular, they have increased and large real estate cooperation, snatched a big cake.

Here to say a simple example, a listed brand in China last year, a province to take the amount of annual agents in the 300 or so, but the strategic real estate business gave him out of more than 800 units, the amount in this province and even catch up Some first-line brand sales. This is the gap, between enterprises and enterprises is so formed. So by the real estate developers pull the elevator real estate local brand, which pulls the local channel sales. While most companies are still doing loose, and more alone to form a lift to the local brand of the role played by the relatively slow and more.

Today’s news Oriental Albert (China) Investment Holdings and Edenbo Elevator Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the first phase of cooperation projects – Jiujiang International Financial Plaza is a landmark in Jiangxi Province, the “Jiangxi first high-rise” in the world. Edenbo Elevator will continue to provide 89 high-speed, ultra-high-speed elevators, 18 high-level escalators and moving walkways for the project. Edenburg has been doing the work of listing, I hope they can complete the listing this year. Want to do business after the brand of this way more and more people (now part of the domestic enterprises have action), Kang Li, president of the strategy to take a very image of the name “big order” strategy.

Fourth sword: to seize government procurement projects.
From January to April this year, government procurement were: 580 million, 280 million, 380 million, 400 million.
From January to April this year, the number of elevator projects in each month is 240, 150, 270 and 320 respectively
This government procurement projects on the formation of the brand can play a role in accelerating.

The fifth sword: elevator business listing
Recently, we have written an article inventory of the domestic elevator business prepared list .Suzhou Shenlong Elevator, Shanghai Edenburg Elevator, Southeast Elevator, Xinjiang Tianshan Elevator Manufacturing Co., Ltd., not listed, listing the largest white The advantage is to make enterprise funds sufficient, but another advantage can not ignore that is branded, but also get the local government’s strong support.

Sixth sword: real estate downturn
Today to see reports that the elevator industry is still optimistic, optimism is only relative, some studies have pointed out that about 60% of the elevator demand by the real estate market. Last year, the elevator growth rate can reach 18%, this year’s forecast growth rate is 10% or more. Now part of the local government has out of the bailout policy, the effect really hard to say. The cake is reduced, the elevator brand is still basically so many brands, competition can be imagined.

Ebb Tide, the party was real gold; rain storm, see more pine towering!