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During the Spring Festival, 5 months of pregnancy and other small Peng 10 relatives and friends to Hefei, Anhui Chaohu South Road, Lan Dingxinghefu District Aunt New Year home. 19:50 Xu, Xiaopeng and relatives and friends take the district 2 an elevator down the stairs, the elevator down to 24 layers suddenly out of control, plummeting to 16 layers and 17 layers. Accident led to a small Peng placental low, need regular review. The accident lift company said they would like to compensate small Peng 26,000 yuan.

According to China Elevator Association statistics, the number of elevators in China has reached 200 million units, and an annual growth rate of 20%. However, in recent years, frequently staged “lift Cry” is terrifying, exposing our elevator management and maintenance, security knowledge and awareness of the various places in place, elevator accidents, there may be many reasons, such as elevator routine maintenance work There are omissions, etc., but no matter what the reasons are related to the daily monitoring of poor regulatory authorities are inseparable.

In the published elevator accident investigation conclusion, manufacturing defects, over-age service, maintenance of the flow in the form of the reasons are often the culprit of the elevator accident, the elevator accident is not the case. Some regulatory authorities open one eye, even from the local and departmental interests, as the problem of illegal operation of the amulet of the elevator.

Faced with the tragedy of being caught off guard, we can not contain the elevator safety accident hopes on producers of conscience, not to unscrupulous enterprises cunning means as oversight of excuses. Relevant departments in the busy at the same time, they should carefully check their duties to perform what, in-depth analysis of what shortcomings to make up for, as soon as possible to improve the corresponding legal system to strengthen supervision and elevator safety knowledge, come up with real , To win the trust of the people’s initiatives, so that the tragedy will not repeat itself.