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An elevator is also called a lift. Is the vertical direction of the transport equipment, high-rise building is an indispensable transportation equipment. It relies on electricity, dragging a car can be people or objects, in the construction of the hoistway on the vertical lifting movements.

The composition of the elevator:

Elevator generally consists of five parts: (1) shaft and engine room; (2) transmission part p (3) lifting part of the security device; (5) control part.

Well and engine room section:

This is part of the building required for the normal operation of the elevator.

Transmission parts:

Transmission part of the traction machine, mainly by the motor and cable components.

Lifting equipment:

Lifting equipment generally includes car, counterweight, balance chain, rail, hall.

safety devices

The safety device generally includes a speed reduction device and an electrical safety device.

Control section

Control part usually refers to the electrical control equipment and the necessary lines, including the control cabinet, excitation cabinet and layer selector and so on.

Traction machine:

Commonly known as reducer. It is installed in the engine room, usually above the top floor of the building, is the elevator traction device, its pure wheel traction cab and the weight of the rope. Traction machine is composed of worm gear box, sheave, motor, back wheel, brake, base and other components. High-speed yuan gear DC elevator traction machine, directly driven by the elevator sheave, no gear box device, the rest of the same components.


Each floor of the elevator door door, the door with a machine lock and electrical contacts. Most of the passenger ladder is an automatic switch door, which is driven by the open-door knife on the car door to drive the rubber lexher on the hall door, and the car door is driven by the switch door device on the car.


The hoistway is surrounded by a wall, a roof and a pit and forms a confined space in the elevator car and the counterweight. In order to get out there is an entrance at each level.


The role of the wall is to separate the elevator from the outside world, and when the rail frame is mounted directly on the wall, it should also bear the cost-cutting force. Enclosure structure is divided into closed and empty format.


The top of the hoistway is the machine room, which is where maintenance personnel work. Therefore, the roof must be closed, the well and the engine room completely isolated. The top plate also has the effect of preventing the machine room from being transmitted to the hoistway. For fast, high-speed elevator, in order to achieve good sound insulation, often at the top of the sound insulation layer, this time the top of the shaft into a two-tier structure.


The well of the pit deep into the ground, for the installation of the buffer, speed limiter, rope tensioning device. Due to the depth of the ground, so require water, the best drainage facilities.

engine room:

Room used to install the traction machine, electronic control screen, speed limiter. The machine room can be located at the top of the hoistway, or it can be set in the well by the self-section. When the engine room is located at the bottom of the hoistway, it is the traction machine under the traction mode. In this way the structure is complex, the building bearing large, demanding on the shaft size, only when the machine room can not be used when the roof. For most elevators, the ellipse is located at the top of the hoistway. The equipment room must have sufficient area, height, load-bearing capacity and good ventilation.