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A run in the 12-story residential building of the elevator, the average daily, the number of downlink is about 300 times, over the years to run, spare parts consumption will inevitably be lost. Therefore, regular inspection of the elevator, lubrication, adjustment and replacement parts has become an important guarantee for the safe operation of the elevator.
Threatening the safety of residential elevator is not a fault, but the cause of failure is not timely and effective removal and maintenance. Wang Qi believes that the lift routine maintenance is to ensure the safe operation of the bottom line of the elevator. In the interview, many people on the elevator in accordance with the requirements of the maintenance on time, especially for some of the earlier high-rise building used by the elderly lift maintenance expressed doubts, and even some of the elevator even the annual inspection of qualified signs are Not still “sub-health” operation.

For example, in mid-May last year, journalists and municipal quality supervision departments to Nankai District, law enforcement officers water garden inspection found that the area 28 elevator inspection is valid until September 2012, the tenement unit should be one month in advance to the inspection and testing institutions Apply for regular inspection, but the elevator did not schedule inspection, has been in a state of not being overdue. In order to ensure the safety of residents riding, law enforcement officers under the “special equipment safety supervision regulations,” issued a “special equipment safety supervision order”, ordered to stop using. If the funds are not in place, then the maintenance of the problem will be more difficult.
In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Tianjin elevator safety supervision and management measures, the elevator should be carried out once a year on a regular test. The use of units shall, in accordance with the regular inspection of safety technical specifications, put forward regular inspection requirements to the inspection and testing institution 1 months before the expiry of the valid period of the elevator safety inspection. The elevator without regular inspection or inspection is not allowed to continue to use.

In addition to the annual inspection, the elevator daily maintenance unit should also be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the city maintenance of the elevator, at least every 15 days for a routine maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and inspection to ensure the safety performance of the elevator, and Written records of routine maintenance.
However, the survey found that many property companies for the maintenance of the importance of the elevator is far from enough for the concept of professional maintenance is lacking. The face of uneven quality of the elevator maintenance unit, the property company can not choose for the owners of professional elevator maintenance service providers, residential accidents is caused by frequent elevator one of the reasons.
Through some recent lift maintenance funds can not be implemented in the case that the elevator stops running, is basically a big part is damaged, the maintenance cost is high, such as the damage of traction machine and door machine mechanism, broken wire rope, a wire rope is also the cheapest 2000 yuan, at least 4 to 6 more for a root. Door machine 5000 yuan, a tractor also need at least 35 thousand yuan limit of each elevator 1 to 20 thousand yuan of emergency funds can not solve these projects as pressing danger.” Wang Qi introduction, there is a maintenance fund of the District, the use of maintenance funds need to obtain 2/3 benefit owners agree that this process involves personal interests generally can not be resolved immediately.