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1.when a fall accident, the first is to fix your body. This occurs when the impact, not because of instability caused by the center of gravity falls. Followed by the use of elevator walls, as the protection of the spine, close to the wall, can play a protective role. Most importantly, you can use the knee bending to withstand heavy pressure. This is because the ligament is the only human body is rich in elastic tissue, more than bone pressure. Therefore, the back close to the elevator wall, knees bent, tiptoe protection action is correct.

2. the end of the elevator, is the elevator car in the control system all the case of failure, will miss the location of the first floor level down the road, until the end of the pit in the buffer to stop. Such a situation rarely occurs, but in the event of the consequences will be very serious, great inertia is likely to lead to a full-body fractures by life-threatening. In fact, if the elevator in the decline in the process of sudden rapid fall, the elevator safety protection device will stop the elevator. It is noteworthy that the distance from the beginning of the elevator to fall to the stop with the elevator load, so take the elevator must not be overloaded.

3. trapped to the elevator in the self-help measures. Emergency stop running, the elevator there are several sets of reliable and detailed protection devices to protect the safety of passengers, do not worry it will continue to fall down. There are many reasons for a sudden stop ladder, do not know the reason, any attempt to escape their own behavior is an adventure. In the just trapped, if there is no alarm call within the elevator, you can beat the door screaming or knock on the door with a shoe. If the long trapped, the safest approach is to keep calm, save the physical, waiting for rescue.

4. elevator management personnel should be how to rescue trapped. When the elevator trapped people accident occurred, the elevator management staff by telephone or propaganda, and trapped passengers to get in touch. Be sure to keep calm, patiently waiting for maintenance personnel to rescue. When the car is far away from the elevator landing, enter the room to close the elevator power switch, install the wheel hand wheel on the elevator shaft, one hand to hold wheel hand wheel, the other hand holding the brake release lever, gently pry open the brake. Observe the leveling sign and move the car step by step to the nearest door. When confirming that the brake is correct, use the door key to open the landing door and car door to assist the passengers to leave the car and re-close the hall door.

It is noteworthy that, after some elevator to the elevator directly to the inner door or outer door open. And then rely on, and sometimes less than the dock, jumped down, this approach is very common in life. But this is a very non-standard rescue, because the elevator stopped at the stop should not be the location of the system that it has failed. Then if you do not cut off the power of the case opened the door, this time in case of another elevator failure, the passengers will be dangerous.