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Current Location: Home - Elevator parts - Safety components

Current Location: Home - Elevator parts - Safety components

  • Product Name: OX-288

The elevator safety gear is a device under the control of speed governor, when the elevator over speed its rated speed or in the case of suspension rope breakage or slack, the car stop in emergency and clamp on the guide rail. It provides effective protection to the safe operation of the elevator and generally installed in the car frame or counterweight frame. Safety gear device is composed  of two  parts: operating mechanism (safety  gear linkage mechanism) and braking mechanism(safety clamp).
Our company mainly provides safety gear which divided into the instantaneous type and progressive type.Instantaneous safety gear is applied to elevators≤ 0.63 m/s; progressive safety gear for elevators with rated speed≤2.5m/s. The company offers a variety of installation and specifications, applied in freight  elevators and passenger  elevators. Customers should choose to match the safety gear according with the structure of the elevator, maximum permit system quality, guide rail specifications,rated speed ect.

Rated speed:≤0.63m/s
Total permit system quality: ≤8500kg
Matching guide rail: 15.88mm、16mm(guideway width)
Structure form: sing moving wedge, double roller
Pulling form: double puling(M10/M8)
Performance standard: CB7588-2003、 EN81-1:1998

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