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Current Location: Home - Elevator parts - Safety components

Current Location: Home - Elevator parts - Safety components

  • Product Name: OX-240

Over-speed governor is one of the safety control  units of elevator safety protection system.  During running, when the car over-speed or even risk to fall while other protection devices do not work,  the  over-speed  governor  and  safety  gear  or  up-going protective device will generate linkage protection to stop the car.Governor generally be installed inside the elevator machine room or directly installed on the bearing beam, machine roomless governor will be installed on the guide rail or bottom hole on the ground.
 Our company currently offers various series of over-speed governor specifications, applicable to different elevator layouts, such as  conventional  return  and  non-return  machine  room  governor;machine roomless governor etc. Customers need to learn its function and parameters in accordance with its specification and type. (For details, please study the corresponding type test report)to ensure its performance matching with the elevator actual state.

Cover Norm(Rated speed):≤0.63 m/s: 0.75 m/s  1.0 m/s;1.5 - 1.6 m/s; 1.75m/s; 2.0 m/s;2.5 m/s
sheave diameter:Φ240 mm
Speed lmit wire rope nominal dlameter:standard Φ8mm,optional Φ6mm
Braklng force: 800N- 1500N
Tension weight:standard OX-300(≥18kg), optional OX-200(≥12kg)
Work looation:Car side or counterweight side
Upward contol:permanent-magnet synchronous
traction machne brake、counterweiht safety gear
Downward control:safety gear
Performance Standard: GB7588-2003、  EN81-1:1998

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