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Current Location: Home - Elevator parts - Safety components

Current Location: Home - Elevator parts - Safety components

  • Product Name: Oil Buffer

Buffer is device to provide a final elevator safety protection generally installed in the elevator shaft bottom pit, located right under the car and counterweight. When the elevator runs upward or downward, it may overrun terminal floor bottom or top because of accidental ineffective braking. Buffer provides absorption to avoid elevator car or counterweight from hitting bottom or top to protect safety for passengers and devices.
 According to speed state, buffers can be divided into energy consuming buffer type(oil buffer as representative)and energy storing type(V≤1.0m/s,polyurethane buffer as representative)

System quality:specific parameter summary table
Execution standard: GB7588-2003、 EN81-111998
The oil specifications: HL46 hydraulic oil
Product type; energy consuming type

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