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Current Location: Home - Elevator parts - Safety components

Current Location: Home - Elevator parts - Safety components

  • Product Name: Rope Brake ,Rope gripper

Conventional clip rope combined with corresponding speed governor is used as elevator upward protection device. It mainly functions as a braking unit in the upward protection device to control car upward running over speed state by over-speed governor. Once  the control speed is beyond the set speed of over-speed governor, the clip rope should be able to make the car stop or at least reduce the speed to a range within counterweight buffer permit, thus meet safety protection requirement during upward running. The clip rope functions directly on traction rope through braking friction plates, generally can be installed between the traction wheel and guide wheel or installed in lower parts of them, however firm and reliable installation should be guaranteed and necessary moving space should be ensured.

According  to  load  capacity  and  its  speed  parameters characteristic, our clip rope device is divided into two series suitable for  different  elevator  layouts.  There are  three  specifications according  to  installation  size.  Pay  attention  to  select  matching parameter  information:  system  total  weight(kg),  rated  speed(m/s),rated load capacity(kg), traction suspension ratio and the state of traction rope(traction rope nominal diameter Фd- traction rope number n- adjacent traction rope center distance L).

Triggering mode: over-speed governor upward mechanical triggering
or electrical triggering
Reset mode: manually
Functioning postion: traction wire rope
Performance standard:GB7588-2003、 EN81-1:1998
lnstallation; upright or upside down

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